Lowdown on the Ludlow Hotel NYC

I had the opportunity to take a much needed staycation at The Ludlow Hotel here in NYC. Tucked away behind it's classic brick exterior, The Ludlow is a creatives safe haven. The purpose of my stay was not really a break from work, but to take a breath of fresh air and gain some creative inspiration. Aesthetically the spaces within the hotel are multifaceted evoking moods of industrial glamour, understated luxury and rock and roll. When I'm there I basically want to move in and call it home. The hotel really does tell a story and you need to check out each space within to get the full effect. I stayed in a beautiful room that had perfect balance of #GritLuxe. The view from the living space within my room was breathtaking and overall provided me the perfect nook to relax and create simultaneously. If you are planning a trip to NYC and you're looking for a beautiful space to relax, recharge and feel inspired, check out The Ludlow Hotel.

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