Trend To Try: The Neckerchief

The transition into spring in NYC is one of my favorite times to experiment with layering and accessories. I started to see Neckerchiefs (bandana/handkerchief used as a scarf) images circulating on street style blogs from fashion shows around the world a few seasons ago. Shortly after, a designer started accessorizing their guys on the runway with them. I have always had a flair for western classic fabrics like denim, leather and suede so given the opportunity to add a subtle/rustic hint to a look got me excited. 

I Created a How To video on the subject as well.

I love putting together mood boards to show you guys some of the imagery that comes into my brain when I start pulling ideas for creating looks and also just to help you translate a look into a real life style. I love the neckerchief because I think it offers you the opportunity to add an interesting detail to a simple tee shirt jacket look.

There are a lot of different things you can do with a bandana or handkerchief and I think this is a great way to show you put a little extra effort into your looks while still maintaining an effortless vibe.

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